What is the Best Way to Hide the Smell of Marijuana?

So What Is The Best Way To Hide The Smell Of Weed?

hide the smell of weed best way

If there was one thing that sucks about weed, it would have to be hiding its smell.

Let’s face it: dank weed is good weed. And for the thousands of people who still prefer good ol’ grass to other, more discreet ways of consuming it, it’s necessary to learn how to effectively mask the smell of stored weed.

Whether it’s because you have to keep your car from reeking of pot, or you don’t want your roommate to know that you’ve got a stash, stoners have come up with numerous effective ways to hide the smell of pot.

But a new study that has just been released reveals that there’s something else that works: vacuum-sealed plastic. A team of researchers at the Colorado State University studied the ability of untrained subjects in identifying dried cannabis flower based just on its smell, when hidden in vacuum-sealed plastic. “Open and casually packaged cannabis was identified with high accuracy, while material packaged in doubly vacuum-sealed plastic was correctly identified at rates no different from chance,” they reported.

“Interpretation of the plain smell doctrine is complicated in states where possession of a small amount of cannabis, or possession by persons with medical marijuana cards, has been legalized… Given the results of the present study, smell-based searches where the material was vacuum-sealed within one or more layers of plastic may lie beyond the ‘sphere of reliability’”, they concluded.

This might want to be something new to try.

Vacuum-sealed, air-tight containers are also an excellent way to keep your bud fresh for the long run. We highly recommend this method especially if you hoard a large stash, or consume a lot of pot. You want to make sure that it’s fresh but that doesn’t mean you have to let everyone around the vicinity know that you’ve got some.

As long as it’s air-tight or vacuum-sealed, you’re good to go.

There are other older, time-tested ways to try hiding the scent of weed. Here they are:

Mason jars: If you keep large stashes of pot at home, it won’t take very long for your entire house to smell like pot. Instead of keeping bud in ziplocks, use mason jars, which is pretty effective in keeping the smell within its container. It also helps make sure that your stash remains fresh.

Odor-resistant bags: If you’ve got some dough to spare, you may want to invest in odor-resistant bags. These bags are especially made for masking the smell of virtually anything including weed, which comes in handy especially if you are traveling.

Get an air purifier: These machines are an easy way to get rid of cannabis smoke as soon as you blow it out. If you smoke indoors often, you know just how much of a hassle the lingering scent can be. It can even stick to the walls, upholstery, carpet, and your clothes.

How To Get The Smell Of Weed Off Yourself

We all know that a shower is the simplest yet most effective way of getting rid of any smell on the body, including weed. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to wash off pot smoke smell from your hair and skin.

You can also add body oil and lotions after the shower to make it even better.

If you worry about the smell coming from your mouth – it’s so simple: just brush your teeth! It will also help prevent gum disease.

If you can’t have a shower, simply go outside: ultraviolet rays from the sun have been known to neutralize odors including that of weed, so just spend 30 minutes under the sun after your last toke to get rid of weed residue on your clothes and body.

Last but not least, consider switching up your method of consumption of the smell of weed is a serious issue. Vape pens are widely popular, and they are also a great way to consume discreetly no matter where you are. Vape pens are affordable these days, it’s easy to find one as low as $ 30 but there are also luxury versions. There are also numerous types of oils, edibles, and sprays that you can turn to.







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