What is the Real Reason Law Enforcement Wants to Keep Marijuana Illegal?

The Real Reason Law Enforcement Wants Marijuana Illegal

why police want weed illegal

It’s no surprise that the cops have been against the legalization of cannabis for a long time now. Some police departments have come a long way and no longer see marijuana in the same light they did some 20 years ago. However, for the most part, law enforcement is rarely on board when it comes to marijuana legalization.

The Illinois police recently chimed in on some legislative processes that would legalize recreational weed. In essence, “they were opposed, however, if you are gonna legalize, we want a bigger cut of the proceeds”.

In other words, don’t legalize it, but if you do…give me more money. That’s some Mafia-Level negotiating tactics.

The reasons they don’t want to legalize it officially are the usual suspects;

  • More Impaired Driving
  • Not differentiating legal weed from illegal weed
  • Potential increase in violence
  • Etc.

You’ve heard them before. This is nothing new. For every one of the bullet points, we can take a look at factual data and debunk them all. There is no significant increase of impaired driving post legalization. There is an increase in testing positive, however that does not correlate to impairment.

In terms of differentiating weed, if someone is running around with 50 pounds of reefer in his trunk…it’s safe to assume that it wasn’t purchased legally. Unless, that is a person transporting weed legitimately, but in those cases they would have papers. So no big deal.

The Illinois cops are worried about the idea of “home cultivation” and how to differentiate that. However, for the most part that would not be a problem. Some people will be trying to take advantage of the system, but if there’s one thing we have learned in society…people like to rat out other people. Nobody would be able to get away with a massive grow in a residential area. It’s not a realistic fear.

In relation to “increase in violence”, there is no data to support that premise. Colorado didn’t see a spike in violence post legalization. Of course, where there’s crime…there’s a potential of violence. However, no research indicates that marijuana legalization leads to an increase in violence. It’s simply not factually true.

So what then is the real reason cops don’t want weed legal?

To understand this, you must go back to the original reason the Controlled Substance Act was created. Nixon needed an excuse to arrest people. He needed a “constitutional hack” to allow him to infringe on the rights of individuals.

Cannabis being illegal is a perfect hack. It allows cops to stop you because of a “smell” and violate your personal space. If they find “a flower” on your person, they would have the right to arrest you and throw you in jail.

This counts as an “arrest” which then skews their arrest records. They can justify that truly, “they are fighting crime!”

However, we know that when arresting the average cannabis consumer for “possession” or any similar reason, is not making the streets safer. It’s simply taking police attention away from real crimes.

Nonetheless, with weed illegal, cops have the excuse to do many things that would not be constitutionally allowed. However, this legal loophole allows them to act like Spetsnaz operatives, seize your property and deprive you of your liberty.

At the same time, the illegality of cannabis inflated their arrest records, meaning that they received bigger grants from the Federal government.

The real reason why cops don’t want cannabis legal is because it would force them to change their entire revenue model that has been sustained since the beginning of the war on drugs.

In other words, it’s over three decades of syphoning tax revenue out of the pockets of the people into this idea that “Drugs are bad, mmkay!”

What would happen if drugs no longer were a priority for cops?

The one fact I always state to anyone who debates me on drug policy is that the second largest illicit market on the planet is not selling weapons, but selling people. Human Trafficking is the second largest illicit market trailing only the illegal drug trade.

If you were to remove drug consumption (all drugs) as a priority for law enforcement, and redirected their attention to the real problem – human trafficking, the world would be infinitely safer.

The problem is that fighting human trafficking isn’t as “easy” as pretending to fight drugs. For starters, people in the market for buying other people tend to not be “low-income individuals”. These are typically influential people who have the purchasing power to participate in this market.

This means, people who have police chiefs and captains in their pockets. Benefactors, judges, high profile business folk, politicians, and so forth are usually the consumers in human trafficking.

It’s people who have the ability to buy a kidney for $ 25000 on the black market. Thus, if the police stop chasing average drug consumers (and there are millions of them), they would focus their attention on the “few individuals” who buy humans or human body parts.

Will it ever happen?

I don’t think that drug prohibition is a sustainable policy. It will eventually change. However, change will happen slowly due to the aforementioned reason. The predatory elite need the human meat shield to protect them from exposing their dark and illicit perversions.

The cops, essentially work for them. Have a nice day =)







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