Who are 5 Cannabis Social Media Influencers You Should Start Following Today?

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The peculiarities surrounding the legal status of cannabis on a federal scale have grossly limited the means of advertising cannabis products available. Cannabis companies however have devised different ways to rise to this challenge and get the information of cannabis products to as many people as possible. One such way is the use of social media influencers. The majority of cannabis companies make use of social media influencers to get their products to platforms where a majority of the public can know about them. The use of social media influencers has grown considerably in the cannabis industry as a number of cannabis companies now use them to promote their products.

Social media is the major platform for most businesses of this present age. Alongside e-commerce, most customers want to have the necessary information about products without having to do much stress which is where influencers come in. Social media influencers have a strong following on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Most of these influencers leverage this following to help brands such as cannabis companies promote their products. The cannabis industry has a host of popular social media influencers. In this article, we will be paying attention to the top 5 influencers you have to follow if you want to be well informed on the latest information and trendy updates in the cannabis industry.


Since the development and growth of TikTok took the world by storm, different cannabis influencers have utilized the platform to get the beneficial herb out there. However, few have had as much effect as Sativadiva1997. She is a 23-year-old native of Orange County that boasts over 170 thousand followers on TikTok. Her spontaneous and hilarious videos on TikTok keep most of her followers entertained and intrigued as they get to see her promote the medicinal herb in a special light.

She has a special feature on her page called Baked Takes where she uses the beneficial herb while also evaluating popular movie characters and their possible reactions in hypothetical situations. She creates dynamic scenarios with these movie characters which helps her to promote her brand, promote the products and increase her following. Though seemingly young, Sativadiva1997 is touching the limits in terms of brand influencing, and with such a strong following behind her, you can be sure you won’t regret following her.


With the special sets of policies and requirements that apply to Instagram and cannabis Instagram influencers, you will be surprised at how effective Shadesofsyd has been over the years. Officially she is Sydni Smiley but her online presence as a cannabis influencer has helped her in amassing over 27.1 thousand followers on Instagram. She has been tagged as “The Vibe Queen”, a name which she lives up to with the energetic and spontaneous content she uses to promote her cannabis brands.

Her page is filled with different types of content promoting cannabis in the best way possible. She also went a step further by creating Medicated Melanin where she sells hemp lip gloss. This secondary brand has also taken off considerably with a strong online presence for the brand and a music video to further complement it. Sydni looks set to grow in influence in the cannabis industry as all roads point to a larger scope of followers getting hooked on the content she has to offer.


Influencing as a cannabis brand influencer requires breaking the barriers of the norm and finding new and improved ways to promote the products. This is the character of Morgan Leigh English who is preferably known by her handle @thiscannabislife on Instagram. She utilizes this platform to create special content promoting new and innovative ways cannabis can be joined to everyday activities. She is also the founder of Stoned + Toned where cannabis is used with special workout videos for physical and mental wellness.

She has a strong following as a good number of cannabis enthusiasts gain worthy content from her page. She is a pioneer in the aspect of joining cannabis with exercise and workout and her page is filled with unique and glamorous pictures that are pleasing to the eye. Morgan Leigh as one of the young cannabis social media influencers is one person every cannabis enthusiast should follow for quality content and new ways that the medicinal herb can be used beyond conventional means.


Her handle already tells her name but it does little to make you realize how industrious and capable this cannabis social media influencer is. Alice Moon is a special brand of cannabis influencer because she goes beyond giving hilarious videos and content and pays more attention to the quality information aspect of influencing. She is an innovative thinker that has been featured in a number of top platforms such as LA Weekly, Civilized, High Times, and she has also appeared on Viceland’s Bong Appetit.

She worked diligently in creating Swallow in 2017 which is a special app that helps to guide customers in their choice of edibles based on available restrictions. Her Instagram page is filled wealth of information on different topics that have been misrepresented when it comes to cannabis. An example is nausea-inducing cannabis hyperemesis syndrome which she was diagnosed with in 2018. You can be sure that following Alice Moon will make you more knowledgeable on many things about cannabis.


YouTube is a unique social media platform where persons and brands promote themselves and their products to the general public. Cannabis influencers have also made the most of this by utilizing YouTube to project cannabis products and very few have done it to the height of Hayley420. Hayley has over 851 thousand subscribers who follow her YouTube channel and are kept entertained by quality video content centered around anything cannabis. She also does a quality review on cannabis strains where quality information about special strains you find in dispensaries is made available.

Hayley keeps her subscribers busy by having special weed challenges like hitting a bong made of Starburst candy and other special challenges. Hayley herself is a special type of influencer because she has done pretty much everything there is to do with cannabis and while she is doing all of this, she makes quality videos of it for her subscribers.







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