Why Cannabis Seemingly Cures Every Disease Nowadays

Why Cannabis Seemingly Cures Every Disease…

cannabis cures everything

With cannabis legalization inching closer to reality all over the world, “the experts” are weighing in about the medical claims surrounding cannabis. I recently read an article where they spoke about the alleged “dubious claims” of marijuana health benefits being marketed in legal cannabis markets.

Irrespective of whether the experts agree on what cannabis can and cannot do, there are thousands of people who are living proof that cannabis does indeed assist with a wide number of diseases. The last estimation of the diseases the different cannabinoids within the plant can treat is close to 200.

This includes everything from chronic pain, inflammation disorders and neurological disorders. Does this make weed a cure all? Or is there something else at work here?

I have a personal theory I’d like to share with the rest of you. Perhaps, some of you medical experts could weigh in on this discussion.

Endocannabinoid Production

There is a reason why people don’t advise teens to smoke pot. Their brains are still in development until their mid to late twenties. Couple with this development process is their endocannabinoid system. Up until their mid-twenties, people are producing endocannabinoids at a high rate.

Your Endocannabinoid system is still maturing. However, once it has reached full maturity, the endocannabinoid production within the human body takes a significant dive.

In other words, you are creating endocannabinoids to help stimulate the receptors and formalize your endocannabinoid system and then suddenly, there is a reduction in the production of endocannabinoids.

The endocannabinoid system acts sort of like the “oil to your motor”. In other words, it makes everything function properly.

With the reduction of endocannabinoid productivity within the body, the different parts of your “motor” starts to work overtime, or stops working properly.

Similar to draining your engine of all the oil within it, the machinery starts to pack up and break down. Within the human body, this is represented through the presence of disease or chronic conditions.

Then comes cannabis…

Some people go their entire lives without ever using cannabis. Then, they fall ill and a doctor recommends them to use some medicinal cannabis.

The patient goes home and consumes cannabis for the first time, creating an artificial boost in endocannabinoid activities.

Suddenly, there’s oil in the system again. The body starts migrating to homeostasis and each individual system starts working more optimally.

A few weeks later, the patient miraculously is healed from whatever ailment plagued them before. The question then becomes, “was it the cannabis or was it the body?”

It’s always the body!

One myth we’ve been taught to believe is that “medicine heals people”. This is simply not true. Medicine helps, but it’s not the magical substance pharma wishes us to believe it is. The body is the true magician here.

Similarly, while the cannabinoids within cannabis gives you a definite boost…it’s still the body doing all the heavy lifting.

The cannabinoids are only there to boost functions, provide additional support and helps alleviate the symptoms of the disease or discomfort you are suffering.

In essence, while it is clinically proven that THC induces apoptosis in some cancer cells, it doesn’t mean that cannabis cures cancer.

Some people do take cannabis and still die from cancer.

However, to be fair. Cancer is one hell of a disease/mutation and every single form of cancer is unique to the individual biology.

Nonetheless, the THC/CBD in cannabis gives your body the extra assistance to kill of the cancer. Couple this with the natural mechanisms within the cannabinoids and their effects on tumors, it’s part of the reason why there are so many claim that cannabis cures cancer.

There are people who have taken cannabis for their cancer and walked away cancer free. This isn’t the case for everyone but it’s not too difficult to see why those people would start evangelizing about the curative powers of cannabis.

Hell, if I ever get any form of cancer…cannabinoids and a direct lifestyle change will be my first approach. I’m just saying that it’s never wise to jump to conclusions before we have all of the evidence on the table.

Cannabis the Nutritional Necessity

Considering that we significantly reduce our endocannabinoid production past the age of thirty, it would be considered healthy to have your dose of cannabinoids daily. This doesn’t mean that everybody should start whipping out the bong, but rather find a way to introduce cannabinoids in their everyday diet.

 Juicing raw cannabis leaf for instance could work perfectly, or simply taking concentrated doses of THC oil.

Cannabis should not be considered a drug, but rather a nutritional necessity. It should be something we take every day, not for getting high but merely for having our bodies function at optimal levels.

While this outlook is entirely theoretical, it’s also wholly viable.







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