Why the Rise of Hemp is so Important

Why the Rise of Hemp is So Important

rise of hemp

While the world is gearing up for full scale legalization, it’s not totally on board [yet] with THC. CBD on the other hand is being accepted for its medical benefits virtually everywhere. With a high demand in CBD, many people are turning to Hemp farming and the statistics support this trend.

With an oversaturated marijuana market, forcing wholesale prices down, many farmers are starting to opt in for Hemp. Since CBD oil can be exported and there is a massive demand globally, it makes sense to divert your crops.

Hemp has virtually zero THC in it, in fact, if you’re looking to grow weed for its THC, you won’t want to do it anywhere near a hemp farm. Cross pollination would ruin your THC production – but that’s another story.

Hemp, is making a slow but steady comeback from the obscure corner of prohibition. While marijuana is a much more popular topic than hemp, hemp is not to be left on the sideline.

In fact, as a cannabis community, we should be pushing reform on all levels – including hemp. It’s time that the world reverts to full-on hemp production for things like, clothes, paper, oil, food, building materials and so forth.

Hemp and all its uses

Hemp is estimated to be able to create up to 50,000 different types of products. With a short crop cycle and high yield, this sustainable resource could benefit society as a whole.

Think jobs, think health, think lower impact on the environment.

Hemp is grown in many parts of the world, however since the DEA can’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana….it remained illegal alongside marijuana all this time. As states are legalizing cannabis and hemp, they are now seeing an increase in production.

In fact, in Oregon since 2015, the hemp production has increased twenty fold.

As production increases, we’ll start seeing new hemp based businesses pop up. There’s a lot more you can do with hemp than just produce CBD.

In 1938, Popular Mechanics touted that Hemp will be the Billion Dollar Crop. That’s roughly a $ 17b crop according to today’s standards.


Well here’s a short list;

  • Hempcrete is fire and water proof and can be used for building cheap homes
  • Hemp Seeds is a source of protein, Omega-6, Omega-3, , Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, zinc and so forth. [food]
  • Paper Production
  • Timber Substitute
  • Biodiesel Production
  • And much more

As you can see, Hemp is a versatile plant with many uses. The mere fact that right now the market is hungry for CBD is the main attributor to the rise of Hemp production over the years. However, I’m waiting for the day that some savvy entrepreneur opens Pandora’s box when it comes to Hemp.

When we’re building homes, substituting paper production and timber production and fueling our cars with cannabis, that’s the day that Hemp production will be at its zenith.

We can thank the CBD craze for increasing the demand for Hemp and as a result, once this demand is satisfied, we should start seeing a more diverse use of Hemp across the world.

Think about it, a crop that takes 4-6 months to mature, that can act as a food source should not only be legalized globally, it should be glorified.

How would hemp help combat world hunger? Provide shelter to those who lost their homes in natural disasters or clothing to those that are in need. Hemp has strong fibers and clothes made from hemp lasts you a long time.

We’re entering into a new age…the age of Hemp.

Why the world desperately needs more Hemp

We’re always being told that we’re fucking up earth. “Stop Shitting on earth, we’re all going to die!” Wherever you go you’re hearing about “man-made climate change” and how we’re the reason everything is going to hell.

Well, start massively producing hemp then and replace industries that focus on destroying the very elements you wish to protect.

What would happen if we grew hemp for paper and plastics? Wouldn’t earth as a result be better off with natural biodegradables being used at mass?

As mentioned earlier, world hunger is a real problem. Hemp could help provide food sources in many impoverished nations, especially since Hemp is much easier to grow than cannabis.

The world needs something right now to help us bring a balance to existence. With the great divide in riches, Hemp would be a resource that anyone could use for their own benefit.

If you’re truly an ecological activist and want to see the best for mother earth, you’d be on the Hemp train with your Hemp jeans pushing for reform in your city.

Right now we’re going through the CBD fad, and as a result we’re seeing more Hemp. However, when industry catches up to the market, we will begin to see the diversification of Hemp products like never before.







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