Will I Have Enough Weed Between Crop Cycles?

What do you Need to Crop Out Every Month?

cannabis crop out cycles

One of the biggest concerns for people growing their own weed is, “will I have enough weed between crop cycles?” You’re growing weed to become your own supplier, however considering the growth cycle of cannabis…you need to be able to plan accordingly to have a consistent flow of weed.

There’s a couple of approaches you can implement to ensure that you have weed every month;

  • Grow enough weed to last you 6 months
  • Create a dynamic crop cycle where you can crop out monthly

While the first option is awesome, it does come with increased risks. The problem with getting busted with weed is quantity. You’ll get more time the more cannabis you have on hand. Thus, considering that the average cannabis consumer smokes about 5-7 grams of weed per week. And that it takes roughly 24 weeks to crop out from seed to harvest. You’ll need at least 120g – 168 g of weed to last you the entire duration of the crop out.

Getting busted with 128-168 grams of weed will definitely land you extra time in prison because the law would see it as “intent to distribute”. This despite the fact that it’s for personal consumption over a 24-week period.

Furthermore, in order to crop out 128grams of weed, the average grower would need to grow 6 plants using a 200 Watt CFL light. This is the most used set up for personal grows.

This takes up space and creates more problems such as odor, power usage, nutrients costs and so forth.

So if not growing 6 plants is your option…then what is?

Creating a Conveyer Belt

The other approach to getting a consistent flow of weed is to create sort of a conveyer belt system. What does this mean? You’ll create several chambers to grow weed at different stages. This means that you would start vegging a new plant every month. By Month six, you should be cropping out monthly generating an average yield of about 20-30 grams per month.

That averages between the 5-7 grams of weed most consumers smoke during any given week.

But wouldn’t this take up more space?

Not necessarily, You’ll need about 1 big Veg Room and 1 big Flowering Room. Let me explain to you the dynamics of achieving monthly crop outs below:

1 Month Crop Out Cycle Schedule

Week 1 – Sprout Seeds, choose the best seed to go to the Veg Room

Week 3 – Sprout Seeds, This will be your next set of seeds you’ll be sprouting to create a 3 week buffer between the first crop and the second.

Week 4 – Move the first seeds to the Flowering Chamber and start forcing the flowering. At the same time, move the seeds from Week 3 into the Veg room.

Week 7 – Start Sprouting 3rd set of Seeds and move to Veg Room. At the end of Week 7, start moving the plants from Week 3 into the Flowering Room.

Week 8 – Crop out the first plants and start the drying/curing process.

Week 10 – Start sprouting the 4th set of seeds and move to Veg Room. At the end of the Week, move the plants from Week 7 into the Flowering Room.

Week 12 – Crop Out the second set of plants.

Repeat the Cycle…

What this will do is give you a rough crop out cycle every month. Not to mention that you’ll be getting extra material such as Sugar Leaf which can be turned into hash.

Another Approach

If this is too much for you to handle, you could always make a Growers Network. I have written about making a grower’s network in the past, however it’s important to understand that whenever you increase the grow network by 1 person, you’ll need to increase the yield two fold.

In other words, for 2 people to cover their average consumption rates you’d need roughly ¼ kilo of weed to sustain them for the entire crop out cycle.

For four people, you’d need roughly a half a kilo.

Thus, whenever you get organized with your friends and fellow growers, you’d need to adjust the math to make it happen. In fact, in a grow network of 4 people, it would be roughly 1 plant per person that would be needed to grow at a time (4 plants in total) in order to cover their consumption needs.

The benefits of this system is that the risk is shared between the participants and the amount of the weed produced on an individual scale is significantly smaller. You’ll simply need to coordinate with each other and follow the schedule above to ensure that your crop cycles align.

Growing your own weed is always the best option. I have never smoked better weed than the weed I grew myself. This is one way to always have weed on hand without having to break the bank. Sure, it might be illegal in some parts…but if you’re careful…no one would be the wiser.







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