Will We See Medical Marijuana Delivered By Drones In The Near Future?

drone delivery marijuanaA couple of years ago I remember watching television and a representative from Amazon explained that it had been researching delivering packages by remote controlled drones. There were demonstrations showing how easy it would be, and how it would cut back on carbon emissions and since there wouldn’t be a car involved. The company rep admitted that it would be awhile before the drone deliveries were rolled out, but it was a glimpse into the future that got me very excited. There are now multiple companies that want to do the same thing, but with medical marijuana products. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Trees Delivery intends to use drones to drop medical cannabis to patients in the San Francisco area and allow customers to pay using Bitcoin. The company said that remotely piloted aircraft are an “amazing tool for delivery” and will never be late.

But there’s a big caveat to these grand – some would say unrealistic – plans. Trees, Eaze and any other company that wants to deliver cannabis from the skies need to resolve numerous issues with the Federal Aviation Administration, which is still grappling with the idea of how to regulate drones in general.

“We have a fleet of three drones that have mechanical arms,” Trees CEO Marshall Hayner told the news site Mashable. “We tested them, we’re ready, the only thing that holds us back is the FAA.”

This is a very interesting concept, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen anytime soon. If Amazon isn’t delivering by drone, I don’t see how the average cannabis company could persuade federal regulators to allow it to happen because after all, it’s the feds and cannabis. Drones are already difficult enough to regulate, packaging that together with cannabis just adds to the things federal regulators don’t like I’m sure. But still, it is very fun to daydream about. Marijuana coming from the skies!

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