You May Get 120 Seconds to Talk to Your Family for the Last Time, Be Ready

120 Seconds – The Last Time You Ever Speak to Your Family May be for 2 Minutes, Be Ready

talk to your family

In a minute-by-minute changing world, you should know what your last 120 seconds should sound like.

With a whirlwind of news and updates flying around social media, it came to our attention that there is one aspect that you need to prepare for in case the virus takes a turn for the worse in your life.  The common things you can get done online now are wills, DNR letters, guardianship legal documents, and medical wishes if conditions get to a dire strait.  Now, most people will not need these things based on the virus’ death rates, but there are some common questions to consider if life changes in a matter of days for you.

Example number one, a husband and wife doctor family with three kids.  Both will get the virus but what happens to the kids if both passed away from the virus due to underlying conditions and working non-stop for weeks on end?  The answer is guardianship legal papers.   Both individuals should have a legal will on record as well just in case one lives and the other dies.  Is there property in both your names? Who is the executor of the will?  Where is a copy of the will or wills?

Example number two, your mother or father, grandfather or grandmother, get to a point where they are in a comma and may not be healthy enough to come out.  What are their medical wishes?  Do they have a DNR, or Do Not Resuscitate letter, or file? 

What some people forget is the idea described below, where the perfect storm hits and you literally have 2 minutes, if you are lucky and have a nurse who can help you, to talk to your family, maybe for the last time.  What do you tell your wife or husband?  What do you want each kid to know in case you don’t make it off the ventilator alive?  Is there some password or safe they living beneficiary needs to know about in case this is your last conversation with them? 

This is not a doom and gloom blog post, but a letter to help you think of all the possibilities that could happen over the next 6 months between you and your loved ones.  You may get a few minutes before an ambulance arrives or you are being driven to a hospital.  What do you say?  Remember, you most likely won’t be breathing well, let alone talking with clarity and voice, so make sure you account for that as you prepare what could be your last words to your wife, husband, and kids.

The following is a real FB post from a day or two ago and her husband is in our thoughts and prayers, today.

What would you say to your family in 120 seconds?

Hi Everyone,
Not the post I want to be sharing at this time, but my family could use all the prayers and/or positive thoughts you are able to send our way. Friday afternoon, TXX was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where he remains heavily sedated, intubated and on a ventilator for an unknown amount of time. What started out as an annoying cough for the last 4 weeks, and diagnosed as bronchitis over these 4 weeks, has landed my husband in the CCU with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. He is fighting for his life. No more information is known at this time, but his lungs are severely inflamed. Guys, he was FINE on Thursday and by Friday morning he was wheezy and by 4 Friday he could not breathe at all.  He has no other symptoms. Never had a fever, aches, sore throat, headaches…just a cough. I went to do our typical in-and-out of the grocery shop on Friday and was not able to say goodbye to my husband as he was taken to the hospital. It happened that quickly.  Before he was intubated and put on the ventilator, he was allowed a very quick, 2-minute phone call, where he was able to say goodnight to his children and express how scared he was, to me. He is allowed NO visitors. He is alone, and it is killing me.  I DID NOT want to put this out there, but I am now BEGGING you all to take this seriously. NO ONE thinks this virus will touch them. We are all invincible, right? Guess what. It can. Joe is a very strong 42-year-old and he is in the CCU fighting for his life, ALONE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – Stay home. Stay the F home. And for the love of God, take it seriously. I understand that it is easier to joke about it to lessen the stress, but it is all too real.  I will be taking a break from social media for the time being as I just cannot bear to see the posts at this time. We are also on complete house arrest for the next 2 weeks as well. Please pray for my husband and our family. We need it more than ever right now!







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