High Mountain Smoke Shop – Baker City Oregon

After smoking cigarettes for almost 50 years, I decided I’ll never conquer my nicotine addiction, but I COULD eliminate my intake of SMOKE. 


I bought a power mod (iStick) and tank (Aspire Nautilus) online so I could get into vaping juice. All I needed was the e-juice. Baker City is a small town, so I expected some difficulty in finding it locally. First I visited the liquor store where I buy my cigarettes. No got. But the nice lady there directed me to a small shop on 10th St. called Mountain High Smoke Shop.

The first thing that hit me when I walked in was the smell of incense. Not real strong, just the subtle fragrance of dozens of different flavors. I’ve always been fond of small shops where you can smell their products when walking through the door. Big department stores nowadays spend a lot of money to eliminate odors in a quest to sterilize everything inside. To me, this takes away half the atmosphere. Kind of like the old hardware store smells. I spent many a day as a kid walking around the old hardware store with my Dad, wandering aimlessly over the creaking wood floors, trying to take in the thousands of hardware items. There was a smell that only a hardware store could produce. I’ll never forget that smell.

My formative years were spent in Berkeley, CA during the 60’s. Spent a lot of time on Telegraph Ave., home to incense, music, LSD, pot and some of the most creative people I’ve ever encountered. High Mountain reminds me of the shops on Tele. What can I say. I’m a product of the 60’s.

I wasn’t in long and Darleen Dowers greeted me. I announced I needed e-juice and she took me to the back of the store where the vaping tools were kept. After looking around, I became impressed with the passion Darleen showed for her business. I felt as though I was her most important customer, something that is lacking in big department stores, certainly online and even in other shops in town. She was very friendly and helpful. She just seemed to love what she was doing.

Well, as luck had it, she was out of the tobacco flavored e-juice. But, I became more impressed when she said she had some at home, and would be glad to bring it in the next day. Since my juice tank wasn’t going to arrive til then, it worked out perfect.

Then, as of late, I’ve been thinking about burning some incense. It had been years since I had. No problem. Nice selection and great prices. She has a lot of other stuff that you can’t live without as well, such as body jewelry, piercing kits, tattoo supplies, tye-dye clothing, adult items, and a mystical section which still mystifies me because I didn’t have time to check it out.

So, would I recommend High Mountain Smoke Shop to my friends? You bet. I would have bought my power mod and e-juice tank there if I had known about the place. If you’re in the Baker City area and have a need for these things, stop in and say hi. Darleen will take good care of you.

High Mountain Smoke Shop
2658 10th St.
Baker City, Oregon 97814


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HighMountainTradingLlc

P.S. As a web designer, I spoke to her about building a web site. I’ll update this post with the url when it is available.

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