Review: The Cannabis Journal

It’s beginning to look like the days of Marijuana prohibition are just about over. Not quite, but looking that way. Consequently, many folks are growing their own pot as individual states are loosening the grip on using this amazing plant for medical purposes .

Marijuana is a pretty hardy plant. It only needs 3 things: Water, sun and a growing medium. But the quality of the end result are dependant on what doses it gets and when. Medicinal pot must be potent to deliver it’s magic. Care must be taken during the growing process to give it what it needs. To do this efficiently, you need to be able to track your grow and the techniques used.

This is where The Cannabis Journal by HighDesert Software Co. comes in. It makes it easy (and fun) to keep track of what you do to make the plant as healthy as possible and extract the maximum benefits.

As the program loads, you are presented with some pretty cool mj graphics, and once on the Main Screen, you see a dark green place that draws you into to the world of growing some serious pot.

The Main Screen


All your grows are displayed on the left, and the data for the selected grow is displayed on the right. You can track dates, amount of dried goods sowed, meter readings and also add unlimited pictures to the Image Gallery. Then you can email the images to friends or FTP the images to a web server. Keep notes for each grow or look at an overview of all your grows. There is even a rating system for each plant and you can give the plant a ‘pet name’.

Image Gallery


The Image Gallery lets you store, crop and rotate images easily. You can export everything to html and then FTP them to a web server, or email them to whoever you want. There is also a slide show of the images available, with a configurable delay setting.

Meter Readings


The meter reading data you can store is pretty extensive. PH, PPM, water and room temp, lighting hours on and plant height show a history of the feeding and nurturing process. When you achieve that elusive “perfect grow”, you can refer back here to see what you did to make it so.

Another nice feature is the ability to set minimums and maximums for most of the meter readings. If an entry falls outside these bounds, a warning is displayed.


The Cannabis Journal is perfect for small growers who want to track the progress of sowing their own medicine. I think it just makes the whole process more fun. It is also priced reasonably at $29.95 USD. Upgrades are free for life and tech support by email is excellent. To read more about it, or download a trial version, visit their web site:

The Cannabis Journal

You can try it out with no restrictions for 30 days. If you like it, order an unlock code, unlock your trial, and you are good to go.

I can’t seem to grow without it. Smile

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