Review: HTG Bubble Boy Hydroponics Kit

I’ve been growin’ weed in dirt for over 40 years. Indoors and out. The last 15 years strictly indoors in dirt. All kinds of dirt. Backyard dirt, store bought potting soil. Even Miracle Gro dirt with time release nutes and some local worm poop dirt.

If I fed them properly, the plants always did pretty well. None of these dirts would support a plant on it’s own, even the Miracle Gro stuff. Gotta give it the nutes it needs. However, the yields weren’t quite up to my expectations. Waiting 3 months for an ounce of dried bud didn’t make sense.

That being said, I decided to jump into the hydroponics game. Although not a new technology, I had never desired to try anything but dirt. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But the price of quality hydroponic units and accessories had dropped, and it seemed time to make the transition…..

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