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Marijuana for medicinal use is on the rise. States are passing laws legalizing the plant for not only medicinal use, but also recreational use. Most of these laws allow a user to grow a limited number of plants for personal use.

If you are about to, or are currently growing cannabis for medicinal use, you have a wide choice of which strain to grow. The problem is choosing the right strain for your medicinal needs. Each strain has it’s own qualities targeted at certain ailments. Some strains are more difficult to grow than others. Some have shorter seed to harvest times. Some plants are smaller, while some are large with high yields.

So which one do you choose? Enter The Cannabis Strain Directory. Offered for free from HighDesert Software Co., it’s a software program containing a database of strains, including descriptions, specs, image and medicinal qualities. You can easily browse or search through the over 540 strains contained in the database. Strains are added or updated on a regular basis.


Directory Screen

The main screen is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. All the strains are listed to the right. Click one to view the details for that strain. Details include a description and pic, as well as the main attributes and it’s medical qualities.

Finding what you’re looking for is easy too. Enter a keyword into the Search-As-You-Type box to find what you want quickly. Use QuickFind for one click access to 19 medical symptoms, 14 main attributes and all award winners.



When you come across a strain that interests you, add it to the Bookmarks. Then you can come back and ogle it later and compare qualities.


Email Stuff

There’s nothing better than to share things you find with your friends. The Cannabis Strain Directory allows you to send email containing the strain you are currently viewing with or without attaching the bud shot, or send all your bookmarks. And, of course, any comments you want to make. Add email addresses to Email Address History and the next time, you need only type a few of the characters in the address and it gives you a choice of what you’ve saved.

There is also an Overview screen that lists all the records in the database.

To ensure you always have the latest strain data, be sure to enable auto update checks in Preferences, since they update the database frequently. You can also manually check for program updates. If one is available, you don’t need to download the 50mb database again. Just visit the web site and download the program only.


The Cannabis Strain Directory is a great companion for new and experienced growers alike. HighDesert Software Co. states that they plan to add YouTube video links and growing howto’s in future versions, as well as close to 1000 more strains, so you should have new content just about every time you run the program. Their web site also has a lot of other interesting software titles. Be sure to give them a visit.

A lot of work goes into maintaining The Cannabis Strain Directory. When you visit the site, try to help out by donating a little cash via the PayPal Donate button.

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