Strain Review: Gold Rush Outdoor by Spliff Seeds


Sweet diesel aroma and flavor, strong and sturdy plant, good resin production earliest finisher of all, beginning of September. Body stoned and uplifting high, potential THC level medium.

We took our trusted Polm Gold and mixed in an old school Purple Power to create the perfect strain for growing outdoors in the Northern Hemispheres. The purple power father is a notoriously early flowering Purple pheno. This helps make our Gold Rush Outdoor the earliest flowering variety in our catalogue. She is ready for harvest in the beginning of September. She will start to flower beginning to mid July.

Gold Rush Outdoor is a very strong and sturdy plant. She is a very mold and disease resistant plant. Perfect for cold/mountainous climates.

We used the most potent and productive Polm Gold pheno as a mother. Therefore, the Gold Rush has great resin production, a great taste and packs a punch. Some of the phenos will show exceptionally resinous buds. Nothing like the Purple Power, there can be some variation between individual plants, some showing some purple hues in the latter stages of flowering.

Gold Rush Outdoor grows like mad, during flowering she grows 1cm in width for every centimeter in height. She can cope easily with high levels of EC. At first glance, she does not appear to have too much THC, but once cured, she is covered in grey trichomes. Keep her in a glass jar after you have dried her for two weeks and you will enhance the smell and flavor tremendously. There are two phenos, a purple pheno that finishes around, week 1 to 2 of September and the white pheno will mature around week 3 to 4 of September. The Purple pheno smells distinctly of diesel. The white pheno has a lingering hint of diesel.

Gold Rush Outdoor is very aromatic; she has a sweet, woody, earthy, spicy and a slight diesel-like flavor and taste, with hints of cinnamon, orange and lime, Gold Rush delivers a nice blended high of a body stoned yet uplifting high sensation. Thanks to its Polm Gold (stoned) and Purple Power (high) heritage.

Grow: Outdoor
Harvest Time: End September
Grow Difficulty: Medium


Seed Bank: Spliff Seeds
Genetics: 85% Sativa
Parents: Polm Gold x Purple Power x Afghan
Height: 1.7 to 3.5m
Photoperiod: Photoperiod
Yield: 350 to 450g/plant
THC: medium
Flowering Time: N/A
Award Winner: False
Avail. As: Feminized Seeds
Strain Attributes:

Medical Uses: N/A

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