Strain Review: Kaia Kush by Green House Seed Co


Kaia Kush genetics are Super Silver Haze x OG Kush. It’s cannabis seeds produce a very relaxing and creative effect. Kaia Kush flowering indoors take 9 weeks and are ripe at the beginning of October outdoors. Production – Indoors up to 800 gr m/2 Outdoors up to 1 kilo per plant

Kaia Kush 1st HTCC Seed Company 2007.

Award Winner: Cannabis Cup


Seed Bank: Green House Seed Co
Genetics: Sativa/Indica
Parents: Super Silver Haze x Kush
Height: Medium
Photoperiod: Photoperiod
Yield: High
THC: 19.8%
CBD: 0.36%
CBN: 0.26%
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Award Winner: True
Avail. As: Feminized Seeds
Strain Attributes: Feminized :: High Yield

Medical Uses: N/A

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