Strain Review: Spontanica by KC Brains


This cannabis seed is a stable cross between a Secret Project No.1 and a KC33 dominated by indica genes. Her behaviour is not much different from any other indicas – a Spontanica seed produces bushy plants with dark green leaves which dress beautifully her thin sturdy stem. The leave to bud ratio is so well balanced that both have enough place and light to fully develop.

What makes Spontanica different from any other marijuana varieties is her ability to produce extremely tall plants; some outdoor ones can grow as high as 4.5 m. No surprise, that with such a great height we should expect a high yield. And she doesn’t disappoint us – outside yield is amazingly high and make as much as 900 gr. per plant! Indoor varieties keep their indica characteristics and remain as short as just 150 cm, still with quiet a good yield – 150 gr. per plant.

It takes just 8-10 weeks for flowers to start maturing indoor. Outdoor period is end September through mid October. Though Spontanica marijuana was bred for outdoor cultivation, she shows excellent greenhouse and indoor performance.

Her cannabis seeds are mold resistant. This strain is said to be one of the strongest strains and, yet, the easiest to clone. The buds are big and make compact shiny and sticky settings on her branches; sometimes it’s recommended to tight them up to support due to the heaviness of those highly aromatic buds. They begin spreading smooth and sweet flavor already at the end of flowering and carry on till the end. THC is said to be between 18 and 20%.

Spontanica gives you a very smooth but strong effect

Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors

Harvest Month: end of September


Seed Bank: KC Brains
Genetics: Mostly Indica
Parents: Secret Project No.1 x KC33
Height: Indoors: 150 cm and Outdoors: up to 4.5 metres
Photoperiod: Photoperiod
Yield: High
THC: High
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks
Award Winner: False
Avail. As: Feminized Seeds
Strain Attributes: Feminized :: Mold Resistant :: High Yield :: High THC

Medical Uses: N/A

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If you’re using this strain for medicinal purposes, please leave your experiences in comments below so others can benefit.


  1. Good luck to ya, Paul. Keep the faith. 🙂

  2. paul fredrickson

    recently i purchased 12 regular spontanica seeds. i got7 females. they are very fast growing plants. i just swiched to 12/12 for 2 weeks to sex them. now i have them back in veg @ 18/6 ang pulling clones because everybody wants one. ill keep 4 inside and put 3 outside in the woods. 900 grams per plant outdoors is a great yeild. im going to try it. ive never smoked spontanica but i hope in 10 to 11 weeks my inside plants will be done. followed by a 3 week cure minimum. then we’ll see what happens outside. hopefully sucess, and not stolen or spotted. i live in a rural area i should be able to find a safe spot. im a marijuana patient due to kidney cancer stage 4. it in my lungs now, after the removal of my kidney. wish me luck.

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