Allow cops the right to smoke cannabis

From the Canadian comedy This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

It’s Father’s Day, so I thought it would be nice to turn down the heat a bit on the “fuzz”. Not all cops are bad, let’s remember that. Just that the bad ones stand out so much more. With all these angry cops around, you’d think they would be able to use a product that would help them handle the bad days, such as cannabis. It’s legal here in Canada now yet police aren’t allowed to enjoy cannabis while employed, even off duty. I can understand to some degree you don’t want an officer coming to work next day after a late night stone out, feeling huge munchies. And I’m sure they use the excuse it delays your reflexes. Bullshit! Keep it to off duty hours or maybe on extended time off, like vacations. If we want good officers that don’t have trigger fingers, let them toke. I want a chill guy pulling me over, not some ranting lunatic.
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