AT HOME CANNABIS GROW ? Update – Golden Lemon & Sugar Mill

AT HOME CANNABIS GROW ? Update - Golden Lemon & Sugar Mill

GROWING WEED AT HOME ? Update – Golden Lemon & Sugar Mill

In todays indoor weed grow I will be showing you the 4 new clones that I will be growing in my next indoor weed grow. Right now I have been spending a lot of time on my outdoor cannabis grow that I have just been letting these ladies do their thing! Updates should pick up once I harvest my outdoor!! Such an exciting time!

Comment below if you are in flower or veg? I am so grateful to be on both!
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I started growing Medical Marijuana, summer 2018, I started off with an outdoor grow because I didn’t want to invest in expensive indoor equipment & not end up enjoying the hobby. I grew 2 plants in my backyard using no nutrients, just water. I knew nothing at the time, just wanted to first see how the plant grew. I ended up yielding nearly a pound and it lasted me 6 months before my husband & I ran out. Finally, in 2019 I started to watch other weed tubers in hopes of learning how to start an indoor weed grow. It also inspired me to start my own channel as I have always had a love for YouTube & BOOM Girly Ganja was born. This is not a “learn to grow” channel, this is just me, a new grower learning how to grow to save a coin. Also, I have a hard time grasping concepts so please be patient with my trial and errors. its all just fun and a learning experience. If for whatever reason, you DO get frustrated with my Girly Ganja growing ways, or feel like your opinion matters simply ask yourself this: “am I smoking it?” That should solve it all.

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Everything shown in this video is legal in the state of California. This Video is intended for adults only. Links within the description box are affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using the link/code. Thank you for supporting the channel! This video does not promote any sale, use or abuse of any illegal drugs. I do not have anything for sale, please do not ask me. My channel Girly Ganja was created to document and share my experiences growing cannabis. I am a legal medical Marijuana Patient in the state of California.

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