Black Mamba from Dank Czar Cannabis Strain Review

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Black Mamba Cannabis Strain Review
The Black Mamba. This is from a company called Dank Czar. Now, we did not take any closeups of this herb because it’s really not that special, to be very honest with you. The buds are very small. This is an eighth of an ounce. We paid close to for this. I do not think it was worth the price, personally. The buds were tight, well-done. We ground it up and I smoked a joint on the show on the live stream. It was good weed, but I wasn’t really feeling any buzz. Now, the THC is 21.6, zero CBD, total cannabinoids 21.6. We picked this up at Hashtag at their new shop in Redmond, WA.

Let’s do a bong rip. The other thing that kind of annoyed me about this is I was able to get basically a total of three bong rips and two good size joints, not huge, not pin joints, but not monsters either. I have to be honest. I was quite disappointed.

Let’s do the dry pull. I get a little flowery kind of a smell or taste on the dry pull, a little dusty, but nothing really extraordinary. Black Mamba. It’s got an interesting kind of a charry flavor on the exhale. It’s smooth. I will give it that, cannot take that away from it.

Let’s see if there’s any other information on the jar. I’m just not that impressed. I’m sorry, Dank Czar. I’m just not. I mean, it’s not top-top shelf. It’s low top shelf maybe. Maybe top mids.

I do remember from smoking it last night it had a very nice effect. So I’m not really detracting from it. It’s good weed, but it’s not worth the price we paid. We paid for this eighth. That comes out to about a little bit more than 15 bucks a gram… or around a gram. My math is a little bit rusty, but that’s a lot of money for weed like this. I got to be honest with you. I try not to disrespect the growers out there because I know they’re doing a very hard job in a very competitive marketplace. But I just try to keep it real for you folks.

The weed is not bad. If it was 35 bucks or for the eighth, I wouldn’t be so disappointed. But it’s not. It’s almost . It’s like New York prices when I left five years ago. It’s crazy. Crazy! It seems to be pretty well flushed. It’s pretty smooth. It’s not really bitter at all. It did look like it was table grown in the sense of possibly hydroponics

I’m feeling it in the front of my head, getting kind of heavy. It’s a nice smoke. It is. But again… I feel that between the really kind of minimalist quantity, three and a half grams, I should be able to get at least three good joints out of that. And I don’t know if the leaves are heavier on this plant, so there’s not that much more volume. I really don’t know what the deal is. I just find it kind of strange. We are going to try other strains in their line just to kind of make sure we’re not being totally prejudiced in reviewing just one strain. I do have a nice buzz starting between my ears and the front of my head, slowly moving down to the upper part of my torso. I’m definitely feeling it more in my head than in my body.

It’s not bad weed. It really isn’t. It’s just overpriced weed. It really pains me to have to say it, but it’s just I figured, okay, I got to pay that much money, it should be fire. I mean, it’s good weed, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not a gram herb. I am sorry, and I don’t really think I’m missing anything because this is the second joint of this I’ve smoked. I mean, it’s got a nice taste, super subtle. It’s kind of charry, kind of smoky. I have no idea what the terpene profile on this is. And, honestly, when I smelled it, there was virtually none and the taste of the dry pull, vaguely floral. If I’m paying this kind of money for herb, I want to get smacked in the nose or at least certainly olfactorily intrigued. That is not the case here. It’s a nice buzz, smoke it before a concert, but don’t pay this much money for it.

I really wish the review could’ve been a bit more positive, but it is what it is. And this is how we educate ourselves, right? I mean, I do have a nice buzz going on, mild, very mild. It’s a bit of a creeper. But again, the price point’s what got me.

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