Electricity Free Hydroponic Cannabis – Balcony Grow

Electricity Free Hydroponic Cannabis - Balcony Grow

In this video I’ll be documenting my attempt to grow a cannabis plant energy free! I’m putting my LED grow lights away to see what we can accomplish in front of a window and out on a balcony. Last year we attempted a similar grow on the channel, from which we had a small harvest. It was a fun project that I wanted to attempt again, aiming to get a new harvest record.

This time, I’m also adding a gravity-induced aeration system to supplement this plant. We’ll be growing in a DWC-like style, as opposed to simple Kratky hydroponics, as we’ve done previously. Dissolved Oxygen levels in water decline quickly in hot temperatures, which this reservoir will be forced to battle outside on the balcony. Let’s see what this plant can do!

This episode is the first in the series documenting this plant. We will be covering how to germinate cannabis seeds, topping the plant, training the plant and more.

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————- Hydroponic Nutrients: ————-
I’ve been growing this plant with Advanced Nutrients Micro/Grow/Bloom: http://bit.ly/advancedNUTRIENTS

I have also used Future Harvest nutrients on the channel
https://bit.ly/futureharvest – Use coupon code “JIMMYBHARVESTS10” for 10% off your orders!

————- LED Grow Lights: ————-
My primary light is the Mars Hydro TSW2000 – http://bit.ly/marsTSW2000
I also use the Viparspectra P1000 – http://bit.ly/viparspectraP1000

————- Garden Necessities: ————-
Grodan A-OK Starter Cubes 1.5inch – http://bit.ly/GRoDAN
CZ heavy duty wide rim Net Cups 2inch – http://bit.ly/netCUPS
Clay Pebbles (any brand) – http://bit.ly/clayPEBBLEs
Programmable Outlets – http://bit.ly/outletTIMER
PH & TDS Meters – http://bit.ly/PHtds

————– Video Equipment: ——————-
iPhone XS / iPhone 12
Amazon Basics Tripod – http://bit.ly/TRIPoD
Phone Mount – http://bit.ly/phoneMount
Moza mini-S Gimble – http://bit.ly/myGIMBLE
Yongnuo Light – http://bit.ly/videoLIGHT
HyperX Quadcast Mic – http://bit.ly/hyperxQUAD

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