From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man: Weed Wins…You’re Fired!!!

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Today on the show: Weed wins. You’re fired.

Marijuana Man is LIVE in the POT TV STUDIO. He reads the LIVE CHAT.

Marijuana Man is joined by Jodie Emery and David Malmo-Levine.

Radio with slow pictures was as fast as we could break the law with illegal information. You weren’t allowed to print a magazine about weed. TV was out of the question. Every frame’s a protest.

No age gate on truth.

Steve Kubby told the truth about pot. Our record on setting the record straight is straight enough to break records.

Seeds. Australia. High times. Incredible ganja.

Nothing about us, without us. Why does legalization have none of the culture? How can the cannabis be legal, but the culture still be a crime?

Who is the masked singer?

Cannabis VS COVID.

Auntie Matter.

Is this a game? Is this all stoner simulation? Stoner talk is another world. Crazy when it’s true.

Miss Muffet. Inky-Dinky Spider-Man, cottage cheeze, curds and whey.

Full frontal legalization.

Soft things in hard times. Soft drugs for hard pains.

Peace, and pot.

Show notes:

Cannabis Substitution Project Evicted During Pandemic

2020 elections: 5 states pass legal marijuana measures, , potentially growing industry by billion

The THC Show with Neil Magnuson – Episode 58

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