Jake Hightower- Cannabis Legalization Pathway Cleared 2021-2022…now with Georgia Senate races in Dems hands with a Biden and Harris administration in Jan 20th 2021… We explore the major tailwind catalysts that now will likely help catapult cannabis companies into the future from More Act passing the congress and being signed by a Biden administration to Safe Banking Act as well as hopefully getting rid of the onerous IRS 280e tax code which unfairly hurts cannabis companies by not allowing them to deduct expenses on their tax returns…from Canopy Growth with legalization now on horizon they can possibly take over Terrascend and Acreage holdings in future…to big tailwinds for all major us cannabis companies including Trulieve in Florida and Gage Michigan…to helping the cpg cannabis companies like Slang Worldwide and Bellrock Brands…Also, Canopy Rivers will have a field day with their now big cash pile and ready to rock..

Full disclosure: 1/7/21
Cannabis stocks I own as of day that I made the video…
SLGWF Slang Worldwide 250,000 shares @ avg purchase price of $ .18
CNPOF Canopy Rivers Inc. 30,000 shares @ avg purchase price of $ .8251
TCNNF Trulieve 45 shares @ avg purchase price of .59 (sold 955 trulieve shares this week at a 55% profit to buy more shares in Canopy Rivers…still love Trulieve but canopy rivers shares were too cheap right now…would like to buy back my trulieve shares if my leaps do well in cgc…
CGC Canopy Growth 0 shares @ avg purchase price of .45 sold regular shares for a big profit awhile back (bought 8 leaps in cgc july 16 2021 15 strike at avg price of 12.0476 we will see what happens…)
SHWZ Medicane Man Tech… 1500 shares @avg purchase price of 1.4933 interesting colorado dispensary play just bought out starbuds 13 dispensary stores in colorado
Gage Cannabis pre-ipo bought 1,400 shares at pre-ipo price of 1.75…
TRUFF Red Light Holland 7500 shares @.2780 (this is a psychedelic play on magic truffles/shrooms Bruce Linton is an investor)
MMEDF Mindmed 500 shares 3.087 (another psychedelic play on magic mushrooms new industry also Bruce Linton is an investor)
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