It's time to harvest my Zkittles Glue cannabis plant!

My Zkittles Glue cannabis plant is done growing and ready to be harvested and hung to dry. I’ve decided to do a wet trimming instead of a dry trimming on the buds. I hate the trimming part of the whole process! The wet trimming was much faster than the dry. By a lot. And I can see the buds drying easier without all of the leaves in the way!

Watch the video to see how I do the wet trimming process. I also show you my Granddaddy Black cannabis buds in the brown paper bag. The Granddaddy Black is in it’s curing stage and still isn’t ready to be smoked. I’ll know when they are ready to be smoked when the moisture content of the buds are below 10%.

Thanks for coming to my channel. Please tell a friend about my channel and what we are doing together as a community. You should notice I’ve changed my logo at the top right. This is the new logo for my channel. I have designed the logo for the SWAG now, so it won’t be too long before I have the giveaway!! Stay tuned to find out what swag I’m giving away!!

Let’s not forget the sacrifices made by our 1st responders, and other brave citizens 19 years ago today, when the WTC and other places were attacked. We should never forget.

This is The Cannabis Reviewer. And as I always say….. Happy Smoking!
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