Plant Hanging Drying System for Cannabis

Plant Hanging Drying System for Cannabis

Professor DeBacco

Drying Process is Critical
After all of the work of growing and harvesting the goal is to maximize the quality of the end product.
While you can not create a high quality end product in the drying process, you can certainly loose what started out as a high quality product if not performed correctly.

Hang Drying
Considered by some to be the preferred method for preserving bud conditions
Quick method at time of harvest as it does not require high labor investments of time to manicure the buds
Several buds on the same branch can dry together

Hang Drying Downfall
This method does require that there is plenty of space to allow not only the hanging of the branches, but also sufficient air flow.
There should be space between branches and also between the rows so be sure not to over pack a dry room.

Can Be Cut and Hang but Not Advised
While each bud does not need individual attention to the degree that a rack system would require, there should be some time spent to remove some of the leaves around the buds on a branch.
It is possible to simply cut the branch from the original plant or even just cut the plant down and hang it for drying this is often not advised.
Some care should be taken to remove at least some of the fan leaves as this will help ensure an even and consistent drying process and also reduce the initial humidity that will need to be regulated in the area.

Hang Dry Myth
When hanging the plants upside down the plant components will NOT drain into the buds they are fixed in the plant
The reason why the branches are upside down is simply because of the ease and simplicity of this method.

Be Cautious of Light
With the hang drying method the spacing of the plants for the purposes of increased air circulation also mean that they will be exposed evenly to light.
Goal should be to keep light duration and intensity to a minimum as the buds are naturally prone to high amount of exposure.
This does not mean they must be kept in 100% darkness, but just be aware of the light exposure they are getting.

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