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Tuesday May 25, 2021
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Louisiana one step from fatty tuesday
Land of the Rising Wake and Bake? Domo ari GATO (get high so high)
Who wants one of them fancy, New York City Weed Jobs

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Louisiana Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Advances To Senate Floor, One Step From Governor’s Desk
The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Cedric Glover (D), would make it so possession of up to 14 grams of cannabis would be punishable by a 0 fine without the threat of jail time. It cleared the Senate Judiciary C Committee in a 3-2 vote.
“House Bill 652 it seeks to address a problem that I think many of us have recognized over the years,” Glover said in opening remarks, adding that while opinions on full marijuana legalization vary, there’s widespread acceptance that low-level possession should not lead to incarceration or felony convictions.

Louisiana Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Advances To Senate Floor, One Step From Governor’s Desk

Hemp in Japan: Beyond ‘schizophrenia,’ potential for the environment

At the same time, law enforcement is pushing really hard on cannabis arrests because they are aware of the global trend toward liberation of cannabis; they are afraid of losing their power over it. The number of arrests for non-violent cannabis possession was at a record high last year in Japan. Also, at the current Ministry meetings, which look positive for medical cannabis, they are at the same time talking about making cannabis use a crime (currently, only cannabis possession is a crime). Unfortunately, it seems like this further criminalization of cannabis was predetermined because the meetings are hosted by the Narcotics Control Department (Japanese DEA). Law enforcement is putting a lot of pressure on these meetings.
HT: What can you say about the status of CBD in Japan?YK: Of course CBD is leading all hemp sectors, and the market will continue to grow. A few years ago there was only a handful of CBD brands in the Japanese market. Now there are more than 100. Introducing CBD into cosmetics, food and beverages has just started. There is a whole lot of room to fill, with no doubt.

Hemp in Japan: Beyond ‘schizophrenia,’ potential for the environment

Legalization Means New Pot Jobs For New Yorkers, From Bud Trimmers to Master Extractors

showing signs of economic revitalization stemming from cannabis. Green Thumb Industries, a multi-billion-dollar cannabis company from Chicago, purchased a former prison in Warwick and plans to turn it into a cannabis manufacturing operation. Warwick is located about 50 miles from New York City in an area where the Appalachian Trail winds through fields, forests, and hills on its way to Bear Mountain.
“We lost 450 jobs when

the state closed the prison in 2011,” said Warwick Town Supervisor Michael P. Sweeton. “GTI has pledged to invest 0 million and create 175 jobs in a 400,000 square foot facility. We are excited for their investment in our community and for the job potential for our residents.”The project will create 100 staff jobs and “hundreds of construction jobs” in the first phase, growing to 175 staff jobs within four years, according to GTI Chief Strategy Officer Jen Dooley. The jobs range from cultivation to administration to lab work. GTI receives a 15-year tax abatement as part of the deal.
Hundreds of Soon-To-Be Available Pot Jobs For New YorkersThere are 10 license-holding cannabis companies in New York medical program, including multi-state-operators Curaleaf, Citiva, Columbia Care, MedMen, Acreage, PharmaCann, Valley Agriceuticals, Etain, Vireo Health and Fiorella, which is owned by GTI. Each of these companies has a production license and four dispensary licenses, meaning there are 10 producers and 40 dispensaries scattered around the state, serving about 148,000 patients.
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