Up & Up w/Jodi Newell – Cannabis: From Menace to Medicine

We currently have major barriers in place that prevent many suffering Americans from accessing the medicine they need — cannabis — in favor of almost unfettered access to addictive and harmful pharma profit-procuring, prescription poisons (opioids, etc).

Jodi Newell and her guest Rob Hawco discuss their personal experiences navigating through current legal and societal gauntlets, i.e. the ’war on drugs”, to access the medicine they need. Rob delves into the some of the pitfalls of trying to access medicinal cannabis while staying within legal and medical providers’ boundaries.

Along with keeping cannabis legally and medically inaccessible, as medicine, to Americans in need throughout the last century, the counterproductive ‘war on drugs’ has decimated our society, jailing millions, separating families, ruining lives for generations… and for what?
It’s time to stop the fiction.

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