Why I Recommend Against Using Mesh Drying Racks For Drying Cannabis

Hey Youtube. It’s finally September so drying season is almost upon us. Today I wanted to talk about why I hate using Mesh Cannabis Racks to dry cannabis. This clip is part of a longer 25 minute video in which I discuss seven different options for drying cannabis.

Mesh drying racks are a cheap option, but can negatively impact the quality of your cannabis. They usually end up compressing the cannabis which will make fine dry trimming tough to achieve. If you don’t pay regular attention to your buds, and turn often, the buds can easily become flat on one side. They are an inexpensive option, but I advise against this method. Hang drying is always preferable to laying a cannabis bud on its side. The less points of contacts between the trichomes and a surface, the better. Trichomes can be easily disturbed and broken when placed on this mesh netting and constantly jostled and rolled around.

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