The Best Dog Meets Man Story

What can be better than a good dog story? A REALLY good dog story. And here it is.


A team of four long-distance trekkers participating in the 430 mile Adventure Racing World Championship were in the final two stages of the event when they came across a mongrel looking dog in the Ecuadorian jungle. One of the team members, Mikael Lindnor, felt sorry for him and gave him a meatball. That meatball was the beginning of a most unusual friendship between man and dog.

Apparently the dog had decided that he was sticking with these crazy humans who thrashed through the thick jungle for no apparent reason. Efforts by the team to shuck the dog were fruitless. He went everywhere they went and that was that. What follows is a touching story of how a stray dog in the Ecuador jungle would end up on the other side of the world in Sweden.

Here is a followup news story on Arthur:

Here is a link to the article with lots of pictures on the Daily Mail UK web site:

So, smoke a bowl and contemplate the odds of these crazy guys coming across this dog deep in the Ecuadorian jungle.

Fair warning. It’s a tear jerker and has a great ending.


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