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  • From jamie on Risks of Synthetic Marijuana - Be Aware!

    Yeah, it was snuck n on me. Waitin 4 tha bus, couple guys sittin there, asked me 4 a paper-can’t afford named cigs-they rolled it n shared. Had a nice taste, got finished got on bus. Had a lil head buzz but then my heart started racing. Thought I havin a heart attack n knew I wasn’t. Had 2 mentally slow down my racing heart, realized what actually n that paper & vowed I’d never trust unknown ppl or stuff. It coulda been laced n wasn’t goin 2 b stoopid a 2nd time. Haven’t been since! I’ll wait 4 tha real thing, thank u very much!!

  • From Higher Authority Med on Strain Review: The Church by Green House Seed Co

    Nice strain

  • From Silent X on Strain Review: Pennywise by TGA Subcool Genetics

    I’ve had a couple distinct phenotypes of Pennywise one was pretty stony, and had a funky, earthy flavor.
    The other, assumably the good one, was higher in CBD than THC, had a somewhat minty, floral taste and was felt in my arthritic joints. Worth finding the good one again!

  • From Silent X on Strain Review: Rock Bud by Soma Seeds

    I first had this strain when I moved to Oregon. Super heavy on the brain/body. Would love to see it again

  • From Cannabis Directory on Review: The Cannabis Strain Directory

    Great website. I have this one bookmarked for sure!

  • From FindMyBud on Our Goal

    Wow great cannabis directory. Thanks!

  • From Stoner on Strain Review: Spontanica by KC Brains

    Good luck to ya, Paul. Keep the faith. 🙂

  • From silent X on Strain Review: Cheese Quake by TGA Subcool Genetics

    Huge yield! Funky, musky scent with a musky/berry taste. Very sedating, couch lock inducing strain. Works on joint pain, is great for appetite simulation and is relatively easy to grow/clone. Again, HUGE YIELD!

  • From HGC Academy on Strain Review: Shaman by Dutch Passion

    Shaman is a very decent strain. We’ve have had experience with her. Proper old-skool genetics. The best of old purple genetics and a oldtime skunk.
    Both green and purple phenotypes to be found. Wonderful colors and good yields. Finishes around the 25th of September. Aroma is piney, musky purple, woody even in the smoke. Sometimes the purple coloring will only show when night time temperatures drop beneath 10 degrees C.
    All in all, wonderful strain, but look for the right phenotype with pinkish trichomes and deep purple hues.
    Does not require a heavy fertilized soil. Can grow a decent hight of 2,5m, but tends to stay bushy.
    Hangdry the Shaman with leaves on and cure her a good 4 months at not to high temperatures.

  • From paul fredrickson on Strain Review: Spontanica by KC Brains

    recently i purchased 12 regular spontanica seeds. i got7 females. they are very fast growing plants. i just swiched to 12/12 for 2 weeks to sex them. now i have them back in veg @ 18/6 ang pulling clones because everybody wants one. ill keep 4 inside and put 3 outside in the woods. 900 grams per plant outdoors is a great yeild. im going to try it. ive never smoked spontanica but i hope in 10 to 11 weeks my inside plants will be done. followed by a 3 week cure minimum. then we’ll see what happens outside. hopefully sucess, and not stolen or spotted. i live in a rural area i should be able to find a safe spot. im a marijuana patient due to kidney cancer stage 4. it in my lungs now, after the removal of my kidney. wish me luck.

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